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Unlock Your Working Genius: HR Reliance is now Working Genius Certified!

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We have some exciting news to share…

HR Reliance is now “Working Genius” certified! What does this mean for you, our clients? This short assessment provides a simplistic approach to discover your natural gifts and help you thrive at work. The feedback will provide you with detailed insights about your specific areas of working genius.

What kind of work brings you joy and energy? What tasks make you feel confident and fulfilled?

Moreover, does your team effectively tap into your potential? Do your team members collaborate seamlessly to achieve shared goals?

The Working Genius assessment has the answers to all these questions.

Working Genius, developed by Patrick Lencioni and The Table Group, is a powerful tool designed to uncover your innate strengths and preferences in the workplace. It identifies your unique working genius within six common work activities:

  1. Wonder: What kinds of work naturally capture your attention and curiosity?
  2. Invention: What tasks allow you to create and innovate effortlessly?
  3. Discernment: In what areas do you have a natural ability to judge and evaluate?
  4. Galvanizing: How do you naturally rally others and drive momentum?
  5. Enablement: What tasks do you effortlessly support and encourage others in?
  6. Tenacity: Where do you naturally push through and persist despite challenges?

HR Reliance consultants are pleased to be in the inaugural class to become certified facilitators of the Table Group’s Working Genius tool. To learn more about Working Genius and the ways it can benefit your organization visit:

We are excited to be in the first group of experts in using this tool to help your people and your organization thrive!

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