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Improve your leadership bench strength with LeaderXChange!  This program is about intentional growth through a leadership mindset.  The cohort model values the exchange of thoughts and ideas and creating a safe environment where learning is immediately put into practice and shared.  Topics reinforce each other as the program builds in three modules.

LeaderXChange is built on these principles:

  • Intentional leadership is effective leadership.
  • Character in leadership really matters.
  • Living out leadership values is important regardless of position or title.
  • Practicing leadership improves all aspects of our lives.
  • Leadership is not a giant leap, but is built in small, incremental steps.

What you can expect from participants:

  • A new perspective from employee to leader.
  • Increased skills in communication and relationship building.
  • Better ways of handling challenging situations.
  • Permission to use their leadership strengths.
  • Self-awareness on the impact they have on others.
  • Better understanding of other positions and departments.
  • Clarity and passion for how their role fits into the organization.
  • More prepared for management roles.
  • Appreciation for your investment and confidence in them.

Weekly classes are topic-based and can be delivered on a schedule that works best for your organization. We encourage the entire three-module program for the best impact, but each module can stand alone as effective areas of focus.

We work with each client to ensure a cultural fit and will make adaptations to the program as needed.

Schedule your free discovery meeting.

A discovery meeting is a free no-obligation time to learn more about our programs and other ways we can help.


HR Reliance delivers a quality and comprehensive leadership development program. I continue to be astounded to watch individuals flourish in their leadership growth.

Marcy E.
Vice President for Human Resources

It was powerful and positive to have class every week. I saw a lot of "real life" effects such as a desire for growth, improved attitude in general, and recognition of areas in which to improve. 

Chelsea M.
Director of Member Services, Credit Union

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