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When it comes to retaining your best talent, increasing employee engagement, and boosting productivity, Managers Matter! That's why it is critically important to invest in their success. 

HR Reliance offers a unique and engaging management training program with a blended learning experience that puts managers on the right track to lead with confidence and success.

  • 6-week program
  • High-quality learning platform access via desktop and mobile
  • Bite-sized video lessons
  • Live, virtual challenge groups
  • Certificate upon completion

What you can expect from Managers Matter


Participants will learn new perspectives that will change their mindset from manager to leader


Live, virtual Challenge Groups will encourage learning from peers


Participants will choose a path forward that puts ideas presented into action

Schedule your free discovery meeting. 

A discovery meeting is a free no-obligation time to learn more about our programs and other ways we can help.

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