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HR Consulting

HR Reliance can help your small business get HR Ready. Picture of two business people smiling at the camera.



We get it! Whether you have one employee or more, you may be thinking, "I know there are some things I should be doing, but I don't have time!" or "Who knew managing people would be so hard?!" Employment laws and forms can be very complicated. It's hard to know what applies to your small business or even where to start!

We’re here to help! Our HRREADY process gives you access to tools and resources to help you get it right with legal compliance and then do it well by implementing employment best practices (like employee handbooks and job descriptions).

We are dedicated to providing support with the HR essentials so you can spend time focused on growing your business. We listen to your business needs, set goals, and map out a plan to reach them using our ready-made resources. Your customized HRREADY Map will be our guide to achieve priorities and customize the level of help you want.

HRREADY Checklist
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You're just a click away from the resources you need to take the first step on your journey! Let us know how we can help get your small business HRREADY!

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A discovery meeting is a free no-obligation time to learn more about our programs and other ways we can help.

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