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Leadership Building Blocks: Foundations of Trust

Are you starting to see some cracks in your organization’s foundation of trust?  

Organizations are finding that either because of pandemic-driven matters, rapid changes in business growth or decline, shifts in the composition of the team or other causes, teams are needing a restart on matters involving trust. 

We have designed a process whereby we can work with your team to assess the level of trust within the team and develop a plan with you to leverage what is working well and address what needs attention.  Our process will result in a recommended path forward for your future. 

Leadership Building Blocks: Foundations of Trust program is built on these principles: 

  • Understanding how trust is built is key to developing strong trust within the team. 
  • A high level of trust promotes business success. 
  • Breakdowns of trust can be rebuilt. 
  • A customized assessment is ideal due to the complexity of teams and the complexity of trust. 

What you can expect:  

  • An understanding of how trust works. 
  • An analysis of the level of trust within your team through a customized assessment that uses one-on-one interviews, small focus groups, and/or surveys.   
  • Recommended steps for your future. 

When trust is high, business flows smoothly and trust can be rebuilt. Since trust is a complex matter, a customized approach to assessing the level of trust within your team is foundational to discovering the best path forward. 


Contact us for a free, no-obligation discovery meeting to learn more. 

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