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Interview Skills for Managers

Interviewing: Putting together the puzzle that creates a picture-perfect team

This workshop on interviewing skills is designed for both emerging hiring managers who are building selection skills and experienced hiring managers who are seeking a ‘jump start’ to assess the effectiveness of their skills. This is a half day workshop with an hour follow-up session, but it can be customized to include a fuller spectrum of recruiting topics as needed for the client.

Interviewing is a program built on these principles:

  • Improving interviewing skills results in hiring a better team. 
  • Exceptional interviewing skills is a compilation of many different skill sets.  For example: 
    • Assessing fit
    • Question design 
    • Bias awareness 
    • Listening 
  • Both skill development and process structure matter. 
  • The best hiring managers develop self-awareness and are committed to continuous improvement. 

What you can expect from participants:

  • An understanding of best practices in interviewing and selection. 
  • Growth of the skills that create effectiveness in interviewing. 
  • Awareness of how process impacts effectiveness. 
  • Ability to incorporate Human Resources requirements. 
  • Capability to self-assess with a process for continuous improvement. 

In these times where many organizations are needing just the right fit of talent to meet their business plan goals, we are delighted to support your hiring managers in putting together the puzzle pieces that result in a picture-perfect team, poised to exceed your expectations. 

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