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The Road Less Traveled

Creating Trust through Feedback and Accountability

Did you know that trust increases when we can hold ourselves and others accountable? The pivot point for accountability is effectiveness in giving and receiving feedback.

This full day1 workshop is designed to strengthen the leadership practice of balancing your own needs, with the needs of your people and your organization, in a way that fosters well-being, potential, and productivity.

1Can be customized to half-day based on client need.

The Workshop is built on these principles

  • Accountability is more than monitoring what is measurable.
  • Great leaders hold themselves, their teams, their peers, and their boss accountable.
  • Giving and receiving feedback is essential to accountability.
  • Employees crave feedback.
  • For effective leaders, giving and receiving feedback becomes a regular and natural part of work.

Participants will: 

  • Have a clear definition of accountability with tips to hold their teams accountable.
  • Be able to handle the unique challenges of holding their peers and boss accountable.
  • Know when to stop, wait, and proceed with giving feedback.
  • Learn to give feedback in a smooth, comfortable, and effective manner.
  • Becoming skilled at giving and processing feedback.

Organizations are increasingly committed to getting results through people in ways that align with their leadership values. This workshop shows the road to results through accountability and feedback in a way that builds team trust!

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