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Liminal Space: The Space Between What Was and What is Going to be.

During the pandemic I’ve been reading a bit about liminal spaces and seeing several art exhibits on-line that are reflecting the theme of liminal spaces.

What is a liminal space? It’s the space between what was and what is going to be.

It’s apparent why this topic has arisen during the pandemic as we all grapple with walking through this hallway into our future of ‘what’s next’.


Living in and through those liminal space times can run the gamut of emotions and can be unsettling – grief, sadness, loss and also hope, inspiration and renewal – all at the same time.


When I used to do more traveling, I loved how various public spaces, like airports, metros, museums, etc. began using their liminal spaces (hallways, escalators, elevators, foyers) to display art and relay messages that carried us through to the next space in an intentional way.


At HR Reliance, our leadership program actually creates liminal spaces! Recently we’ve begun each cohort with reading Drew Dudley’s, This Is Day One, where he presents that every day is an opportunity to begin again. From reading this book, I’ve been reflecting and believe that every day is actually a liminal space and it’s the tiny moments (he calls them lollipop moments!) in each day that thrust us forward into the next space.


Our leadership journey in LeaderXChange moves us together from what was to what will be – our LeaderXChange journey moves us through a liminal space from the leaders we once were to the leaders we can be!

At HR Reliance, we would be delighted to journey with you through your liminal space!

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